The two different methods of finding gold by large mining company are they are found on the surface and underground mining.

All the large scale mining operations require licenses, government permit and approvals in every stage of their operation. Thus the process from construction to production is highly regulated and this can take several years. But nowadays, many small scale mining sector do not follow countries legal framework.

Uranium is not consistently spread in the rocks, but tends to be concentrated in certain minerals. Uranium concentration is found in ore minerals like pitchblende, carnotite, autunite, uranophane, and tobernite which are economically mined. Uranium can also be found in coal and monazite sands. In addition, they are also found in surface, ground water and ocean.

The appearance of mining operations will depend on the type of mining selected. In in-situ mining, rigs and processing building would be visible. In underground mining, only mine head frame and processing building could be seen. For surface mining, the open pit and associated equipment would be visible. Public will be avoided from viewing all these operations.

Several thousand years ago, volcanic activity took place, so in those areas zeolites were formed. Liquid zeolite is generally hand mined which does not cause any damage to the nearby environment. Zeolite has to follow a process to reach the manufacturer; first it is micronized, then placed in barrels and at last transported to the manufacturer.

Wheel loaders: Generally wheel loaders are used when a bunch of mining materials have to be moved at one time.

Excavator: This machine generally does the work of digging.

Dump Trucks: These are used to take away or move materials. These are also called as monster trucks.

Bull dozer: Instead of rubber tires, these have chains. Chain tractors are used in mud or on mountain slopes. Dozers push dirt from one place to another.

Motor grader: These are used to make the ground level when they are clearing off the land for mining or fixing it when they are done.

Articulated Dump Trucks - This machine can move huge amounts of material in the mine. They can turn easier inside mines than most trucks can.

Continuous miner: This machine is used to cut out long sections of the inside walls of the mine.

Longwall mining equipment: This is used to cut out the coal in layers.

Shuttle car: These are used to take out the coal or minerals from the mine. The ore or coal was loaded into these to be taken out of the mine


It is great pride in taking out minerals and gems from the raw earth. It is also considered as a productive business.

Silver, gold, and truesilver nodes are rare spawns in place of tin, Iron, and mithril. While silver gold, and truesilver nodes are very rare spawns in place of iron, mithril and small thorium.

A process is followed to mine gold. It is done by excavating the ore, it is crushed, it is chemically processed and finally the gold is extracted. Ore is obtained either through open cut or underground mining.

The most efficient chemical which can dissolve gold is cyanide. Cyanide milling technology is very fast and efficient, compared to other reagents such as thiosulfate or mercury. CIP mill technology is very useful because any type of water quality can be used in gold extraction, like hyper-saline water.

Yes, the environmental costs for gold mining will increase in the future. Due to decline in ore grading, it will require the processing of more ore to maintain gold production. It needs to create more tailings as well as more energy is needed, cyanide and water and more greenhouse emissions also.

Sustainability of gold mining mostly depends on environmental, social and economic aspects. Various other factors like the different mines, companies, governments and communities are also considered as pillars for sustainability.

Underground mine does not have large open ditch and restricted waste-rock piles. But underground mine is very expensive to develop and operate.