Sapphire is fashioned deep down underneath the earth's plane, some 65 kilometers down, and rises to the exterior in a volcanic outburst in a 'formation tube' or expel. The sapphire rises up at the vanguard of a volcanic flare-up and is barred with the pyroclast, or volcanic residue. This is characteristic for all Australian sapphire happenings. If the high temperature in this formation tube is scorching enough, and the habitation time is extensive enough, the sapphire is clarified, on its expedition to the exterior. The main pollutant in sapphire is rutile (Iron - Titanium Oxide) and if the hotness/time association is adequate this is volatilized and excluded from the sapphire or it is reabsorbed and reconverted inside the crystal.

However, if the temperature is excessively low, or the pace of travel of the sapphire and pyroclast up the pipe excessively swift, the sapphire may be absent with additions such as the "silk" veils which over and over again darken natural sapphire crystals. The Thais urbanized the observe of marketable heat management several years ago to eradicate these silk veils to generate stones of enhanced clarity and vividness This procedure has always been measured quite satisfactory as no chemicals were supplemented, and the holding of the sapphire at towering temperatures to get about this upgrading was fundamentally only mimicking natural world and was just a practice of concluding off what nature had on track.

However, the heat handling know-how has been significantly extensive in man's expedition to turn inferior eminence substance into brighter rock in the never-ending exploration for additional revenue and a few relatively unconvinced if not essentially fake practices have effected in recent years!