Tantalum ores are established mainly in Australia, Canada, Brazil, and central Africa, with some extra quantities originating in Southeast Asia and in China. There is also concern in journeying for this component in a variety of regions of the world, such as Canada, Egypt and Saudi Arabia. Tantalum minerals with over 70 diverse chemical compositions have been recognized. Those of furthermost financial significance are tantalite, microlite, and wodginite; however, it is a frequent practice to name any tantalum-containing mineral concentrate as 'tantalite' principally for the reason that it will be processed for the tantalum standards and is sold on that starting point.

Tantalum mineral concentrates may restrain from 2 to more than 5 dissimilar tantalum-bearing minerals from the similar mining area. The trade of tantalum mineral concentrates is dependent on a certified examination for the tantalum oxide they enclose, with an assortment from 10 or 15 to over 60% based on the mine source. The minerals are concentrated by substantial means at or near the excavation site to augment the proportion of tantalum oxide and niobium oxide by mass. The concentrates are elated to the processors' plant for chemical processing.


The solitary principal basis of tantalum mineral concentrates is the manufacture by Sons of Gwalia Ltd. from its Greenbushes and Wodgina mines in Western Australia. These 2 mines together produces almost over 50% of worldwide stipulate, with production volume in 2003 reported at currently over 2 million pounds Ta2O5 enclosed. The corporation has been in organization from the time September 2004, but construction and delivery of tantalite persist as standard. Supplementary quantities are available from Brazil in the course of compilation from diminutive alluvial deposits by prospectors and also in plentiful countries in Africa, such as Rwanda, Namibia, Uganda, Democratic Republic of Congo, Nigeria, South Africa, and Burundi. Mining speculation in Africa has been condensed due to political insecurity and connected risk.

In Southeast Asia the cutting down of the tin industry since 1980 has led to the diminution of tantalum oxide manufacture points accessible from tin slag's, a derivative of the smelting of cassiterite ore concentrates for tin manufacture. It should be well-known that struverite concentrates have been obtainable from this common area possessing 9-12% tantalum oxide.